Otakon 2006: Oh My Head!

Oh my head! It’s still spinning after driving home from Otakon half the night. I left Baltimore relatively late because there was a really cool workshop on Remembering the Kanji that I could not resist. Ooooh! I had so much fun this year! But right now I’m just too tired to do very much. I think I went totally fanboi this year, screaming my lungs out at the MUCC and Nana Kitade concerts. Later I got Nana-chan’s autograph! I also got autographs from Monica Rial, and Fred Gallagher (plus Miho sketch <3). Finally, before I pass out, here's a picture of the young woman who placed second in Otaku Idol. I think her name is Alyssa, or Alicia. This woman can really sing, has great stage prescence, and is oh so kawaii! The winner was great too, but the audience was bit more into JRock that night than JPop so Alyssa didn't win this time. I hope I'll get a chance to hear her sing again!

Kawaii Diva Alyssa

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