Sigh…I Hate My Wife!

Kyon Migraine HeadacheSometimes I really feel that I’m beginning to hate my wife. It seems that all she does lately is bitch about everything, yelling at me and the kids for no good reason. But I generally prefer not the bitch about things like that myself here. As uncomfortable as things are right now, it’s just a temporary thing and not anything to get too excited about. Still, it really hurts because I still want to share so many cool things with her, but there just isn’t an opening right now… I think this is also a good reason to hold on to one’s hobbies and the things you’re independently passionate about, and of course, your own friends. Without those things, I’d be adrift on a sea of someone else’s anger. And I really don’t want that. Oh thank the maker that Halo 3 comes out tonight!