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ACen Aftershocks Video Attack!

I’ll get around to writing a full report on last weekend’s Anime Central soon. With over 23000 attendees, it definitely felt more crowded than last year! But first I’d like to post my AMV entry to this year’s ACen AMV Contest. This one made the finals in the Drama category. Ultimately, it did not win, but I’m still thrilled to have finally made the finals. I put off doing my taxes to the last minute just to finish this video in time! LOL

And for good measure, here is my entry from last year. It’s a parody of the K-On! opening done Princess Princess style!

One Hand Clapping

After a pretty intense 48 hours, I’ve finished and uploaded my AMV contest entry for this year’s Anime Central. I didn’t realize just how stressed out I’d become until I finished the darn thing! Then when I went done stairs to celebrate and share my triumph, I was quickly drafted into pumping air into bicycle tires!

No one cared, no one to share my joy with… *sigh*

I Love You /cgl/!: The Music Video

The net is alive with the sound of music! And love is in the air as spring is poised for its long awaited descent upon us! I happened across an interesting love fest taking place on 4chan’s cosplay and elegant gothic lolita board, /cgl/. The final poster suggested an appropriate soundtrack to the thread, a song I’ve really fallen in love with, “I Like You. I Love You!” with vocaloid Kagamine Rin. So I created the following video of the thread.