Twitter Updates for 2011-10-03

  • While I had fun at the Star Trek convention in Chicago yesterday, I still miss the fan run Trek cons of yesteryear… #startrek #
  • I think the main thing missing from the Creation Star Trek cons are fan run panels. A couple of rooms for these would be great. #startrek #
  • Woo hoo! Room reservations for Dragon*Con 2012 begin tomorrow morning at the Marriott! #dragoncon #
  • Getting a room for next year's Dragon*Con would help cure these post con blues I have right now. #dragoncon #
  • @ButerflySamurai That's exactly what I'm counting on. And I have a very high luck multiplier! in reply to ButerflySamurai #
  • I've had rough patches in my life, but can't really complain too much. God's been pretty good to me, even when I didn't deserve it. ^_^ #
  • Pics I took at the Star Trek convention on Saturday. Really bad lighting, so a lot of bad shots, but some good #cosplay #
  • Yes, I did drink the last of the sangria. Hic… #

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