Hello Nurse! Halloween Costume Crunch Time!

I hadn’t really planned to do a new costume for Halloween, but here I am just a few days before the Halloween Cosplay Party at Sushi Samba Rio, rushing to get a costume completed. I’m not a traditionalist, but I still feel a bit of reluctance to wearing non-scary costumes for Halloween. So most anime inspired characters are out, but in the Princess Princess Gothic Lolita Nurse outfit, I found a delicious loophole, a costume I had wanted to make which actually fits the Halloween spirit, sort of. In any case, I’m planning to take it to Youmacon too. For the fun of a wig with pig tails, and because I like him, I decided to cosplay Yuujiro. I wonder if blondes really do have more fun?

Princess Princess: Mikoto, Kouno, and Yuujiro as Nurses

With every costume, my modest sewing skills improve a bit. This time I’ve learned how to make ruffles, and that I should really avoid having to sew through the thickness of the gathers! Duh!

Princess Princess: Nurse Yuujiro

4 thoughts on “Hello Nurse! Halloween Costume Crunch Time!”

  1. This has turned out to be one of my favorite costumes. Just needs a few more tweaks, like the shoes and a fluffy petticoat. I’m also working on a Princess Princess AMV. My first attempt at a comedy AMV, hope I don’t fail!

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