YouTube Channel

Party goers blinding the DJ! This was so much fun! DJ Ai_Luv_U rocked the place!

Digital Party Girl

These days, my YouTube channel features video clips recorded in nightclub venues in the game Final Fantasy XIV. During the Pandemic, I started playing the game more and really got into in-game clubbing. So I started recording clips to remember all of the fun I was having and to share some of that fun with other people!

Dancing is always more fun when it’s with someone else. I love dancing solo too, but when I’m dancing with someone, for that moment in time, I am totally in love with them!

Music Videos

Video and song that maybe says too much!

Special Events

The virtual world of Final Fantasy XIV has also played host to many large scale player organized events, such as the LunarCon fan convention, and music festivals such as Eorzea Dream Festival!

Video clips from LunarCon 2023, an in-game fan created and run convention in Final Fantasy XIV Online. This marks the third year of LunarCon and like the first two, it was AMAZING! It just gets better and better!
Eorzea Dream Fest VII was an incredible music festival in Final Fantasy XIV featuring 50 DJs in 50 hours! Adding 2 more DJ and hours over the previous installment, along with a new location! This is just a small sampling of the beats that rocked us in game and out!