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The End of Magazine Subscriptions

Over the last year, two of my favorite magazines have ceased publication. Newtype USA went away and then morphed into PiQ which lasted two issues before dying. And Electronic Gaming Monthly, one of the best and oldest magazines of its genre, barely made it into 2009 before going away. In each of these cases, I was a long time subscriber and did not see one thin dime of a refund for issues that never came to my doorstep!

Like Samuel T. Cogsley, the lawyer who defended Captain Kirk in the Star Trek episode, Court Martial, I love print. I love the feel of a printed book or magazine in my hands. And I love to collect them with almost fetish-like devotion. Print turns me on. But wasting money does not! So I am swearing off of subscribing to any more printed magazines. I will by the occasional issue in the bookstore (as long as we still have bookstores), but they won’t be getting any more of money upfront in the form of a subscription.

As much as I like print, I really would like to see more media in the form of ebooks I can read with somethng like Amazon’s Kindle. If the cost of the reader can get under $200 USD and the magazines and manga I love are available, I’d be all over that. To be able to take your entire reading library wherever you go must be one of those great book lover dreams.


Samuel T. Cogsley Loves Books And So Do I
Samuel T. Cogsley Loves Books And So Do I