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Cosplay Weird Search of the Day

Sometimes I take a look at the site stats to see what searches are landing people here at my blog. Today I saw several hits on “cosplay japanese war crimes in china!”. WTF? I know that with the popularity of Hetalia, there has been a lot of rabid fan girl cosplay of the different countries personified in the the show, but I’m pretty sure that Japanese war crimes is not a subject the series touches on.

That said, people will cosplay anything and everything. So while I can only imagine what a cosplay of Japanese war crimes in China would look like, I have little doubt that I will witness it for myself at some future convention. Honestly, I don’t think people would flip out all that much. I’ve seen plenty of people in Nazi uniforms at cons or the equally fascist Principality of Zeon from Mobile Suit Gundam. Now don’t get me wrong! I loves me some Gundam, but I won’t be donning the uniform of Zeon any time soon! But I won’t condemn anyone who does either, after all, Char is pretty cool, eh?