Sarah Palin Cashing In: Ka Ching!

If there was ever any doubt that former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin was seeking to cash in on her celebrity, her so far failed attempt to trademark her name has removed it.

While I am not a Palin supporter and strongly believe that American politics and governance would be much better off without her influence, I think this is a really sad situation. All people have the ability to grow and improve as they live their lives gaining experience. It was a mistake for Palin to leave her job as governor. Had she fought for reelection and given herself more time to learn and mature, she would have benefited along with the American people. As it stands now, she seems to be becoming more and more of a caricature and a symbol of the worst characteristics of American politics and media.

As a cosplayer, I know the thrill and joy of getting attention for all of the hard work you put into your costume. It can be very addictive. But I also know that it is largely superficial and fleeting. As a cosplayer, I also hold no illusions about changing the world through cosplay. It’s just a hobby of mine. Not a single job has ever been created because of any of my costumes.

Unfortunately, former Governor Palin has traded a position where she could have real, mutually beneficial, impact on people’s lives, for that of a circus entertainer. Trademarking her name confirms her intention to continue in that role at a time when our country needs more strong, visionary leaders on both sides of the political aisle. What a waste.