Connie Chung Sticks It!

I finally got a chance the look at Connie Chung’s Swan Song on MSNBC this morning. It was pretty hard to listen too, but after reading the various media criticisms going around on the net and remembering the relative rockiness of the last decade or so of her career, I think this performance was a fun way of sticking it to the man. Connie Chung had the great misfortune to be on the way up in TV journalism at a time when it was dominated by white male anchors. It probably didn’t help that she was Asian on top of being a woman. So whatever other fair criticisms there may be of her style, she never really had a shot at having a top anchor position all to herself (that pairing with Rather was disasterous). So with nothing left to lose, she just let it fly. It was a wonderful “up yours” to the establishment, and even at 59, I must say she looked pretty hot doing it. Bravo!

Connie Chung's Swan Song