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Saddle Up For Ohayocon

Five or six months between conventions is too much for me, so I’m getting ready for my first trip to Ohayocon coming up in January 2008. I’ve been missing my Roger Smith cosplay, so I’ve decided to wear it on the trip. Roger wears normal clothes, so only the initiated would even notice and I’ll get a kick out of looking sharp to boot. Chicago to Columbus is about 360 miles, so I’ll need to make at least one stop, maybe two. So Roger will get a little outside public airing.

I’m not planning any new costumes for Ohayocon, only tweaks to old ones. Nice, low pressure con, as far as costumes are concerned. And I’ll enter two AMVs in the Anime Music Video contest. I hope they’ll have an overflow too so I can submit my other two.

Home life is fine, most of the time, but if I can get away from it all every few months, that’ll keep me happy. ^_^