Thanks for Nothing Jesse White

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled today that Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State does not have to sign off on the appointment of Roland Burris to the vacant Senate seat. So Jesse White has thusfar refused to certify the appointment which has led the U.S. Senate to thusfar refuse to seat Burris. What’s the point of this bullsh*t Jesse?

When terrorist use the innocent as human shields, you are not justified in mowing down the shields to get to the terrorists because they are such bad people. By refusing to sign, Jesse benefits no one and falls right into the trap the governor laid for them. The evil love pulling down as many of the innocent as they can before their own inevitable demise.

I guess Jesse White didn’t get the memo that at this part of the game having made his point, he’s supposed to say how terrible Governor Blagoyevich is for putting us in this position. But in the interest of the people of the State of Illinois, he will certify the appointment so that the people would have full representation in the Senate. Oh well, some people just don’t know how to play the game I guess.