Burris, Facepalm…

One of the reasons I was excited to come to Chicago for college, was the lively and entertaining political sport that takes place here. The current Burris controversy continues to entertain. I’m rather annoyed by the whole thing which to my eye isn’t much to get excited about. I’m annoyed that the state Republicans are still harping on that special election nonsense after 0 Republicans in the House, and only 3 in the Senate supported President Obama’s Stimulus Package. Against this backdrop they want Illinois voters to send a Republican to the Senate so that he or she can join with the other Republicans in opposing the policies of the President, also from Illinois. Yeah, right, I’m all for that…

So hold on Roland, just don’t seek reelection. As for calls for resignation from unnamed Black ministers, well, that really means that someone else, who I won’t speculate on here, is angling for the job behind the scenes. That’s entertainment!

Illinois At Its Finest
Illinois At Its Finest