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My Goodness, my privilege

This is the first blogging I’ve done in a while, and my first posting during the current global COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a time when I have witnessed just how incredible many of the people I know and love really are.

As for me, I must acknowledge my own incredible privilege. Just as the US was entering quarantine, state by state, I was starting a new job. A new job that as of now I’ve been working from home almost four weeks.

It took me many months to find new work. I had to draw down my savings to keep afloat. I had one interesting freelance project in that time, but still the prospects were not looking great. Then almost out of nowhere, I heard about an opening at a company that was actually doing something I could care about.

So my cup is overflowing and I must acknowledge that, and that my own efforts have played only a small part in it. So I thank the God who made me and placed around me so many people who love me. I will do my best to pass my blessings on to others and share my love with them as well. That’s really the only thing I can do for a debt far too big for me to ever pay back.

A Thinking Man’s Guide To Marriage

It’s quiet right now. I’m typing up this post while my wife is in the living room tapping away on her Mac. This is actually a pretty typical morning. No torrid romance or unbridled passion. It’s just living. Living our lives to together as we’ve done for quite some time now.

It might be fun to write a practical guide to marriage based on our experiences, but I don’t really think there’d be much to say that isn’t already obvious. I guess the main thing to take to heart is that most of the time, the quiet joy of being with the most significant other of your life is what you’ll experience. It’s not stagnation, nor is it boring. It just is, and it can be the greatest thing you’ll ever experience this side of eternity.

In all of the uproar over same sex marriage, I think the meaning of what marriage actually is, has been ignored. Making the vows before God and man to join your lives together. Taking on the world back to back every day. And sharing those quiet times of joy that words don’t adequately express. Wanting this is one of the most human things we can do.