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Chicago, you just lost the game!

I’m still rather depressed about the stunning first round loss of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid today. I’ve heard a lot of analysis this afternoon, but one thing I think is quite clear… There won’t be any more Olympic bids from Chicago. We wasted a lot of time and money when we probably never had a chance. I ┬álike Rio, and if the IOC wants to give the games to Rio, then that’s okay. But don’t make the rest of us spend so much effort if we don’t have a chance at the prize.

Another shocker is the emerging picture that the IOC did not want the voting to play out as it did with Chicago going out so soon. Of course not, a crushing blow like that guarantees that Chicago won’t try again, it also scares off any other sane US cities as well. They needed this to go to the last round so that we could entertain the notion that our tremendous effort almost got us there.

As it stands, I think my fair Chicago feels like a jilted bride, just not good enough. It seems Havana will get the Olympics before Chicago ever will. Maybe we’ll try again next century.

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Chicago 2016: Daring to Dream

Today is the day that the host city will be decided for the 2016 Olympic Games. No one likes to be disappointed, but today I’m going to let myself dream just a little bit about the Games coming to my backyard! I hope this dream comes true! I think even the detractors here in the city will be excited if the Olympics come to Chicago.

Chicago already hosts millions of international visitors every year, but still doesn’t quite feel like a truly international city. The Olympic Games in Chicago would be the final push we need to become a truly international city, one the world’s great destinations. Let’s go Chicago!