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It’s A Youmacon World Afterall

I think I really need to become more flexible in my thinking sometimes. After all hope of going to Youmacon seemed lost in the gusts of a hurricane, work, and money, it turns out that I will be able to attend! In my despair, I had already canceled my room reservation, but once it became apparent that I could go on Saturday and Sunday, I was lucky enough to get a room in the hotel across the street from the Renaissance Center.

Going two days also saved me a great deal of money and untangled some issues at work. Yay! I’ve gotten so used to going 3 or 4 days, that the compromise of 2 days just wasn’t even on the radar screen. And it gives me some more time with my awesome wife who made it back safely from Philadelphia! Of course that meant that I had to finish my Sailor Mars cosplay, which I have just done by completing the tiara! It’s not perfect, but I’m happy enough with it that I may enter the Hall Cosplay competition if everything times out right. Otherwise I’m just going to enjoy the heck out of showing it off and being thankful that God even cares about this part of my life.

Returning To Youmacon

One sign of a good weekend are depressing thoughts of returning to work on Monday. By that measure, the weekend went pretty well! Youmacon is less than 2 weeks away now and I made great progress on my latest cosplay. A cosplay project that has already missed a couple of con date deadlines this year. It’s funny given that the Sailor Mars project is the really the only cosplay I actually planned to do this year. The two other new ones, Mamimi and Applejack, came about as larks. Of course, getting into cosplay was a bit of a lark to begin with, so no surprises there.

I missed Youmacon last year, so I’m really looking forward to getting back to one of my favorite conventions of the year. I still haven’t planned everything out, but that’s not unusual. Right now, I just want to see the guest events, do karaoke, and maybe, just maybe enter the hall cosplay competition. Youmacon was the first con I ever entered a costume into competition at. And I think the Sailor Mars cosplay is shaping up nicely enough to consider an entry. If you do crossplay, doing a Sailor Senshi cosplay is almost obligatory. And life is just too short to be holding anything back.

Dragon Con Mission to Mars Setback

While Curiosity’s Mars mission continues right on track, my own has suffered yet another delay. Cosplay projects always take more time than one expects. Sailor Mars is the most ambitious costume I’ve attempted, challenging in both materials and crossplay technique. On the plus side, the test fittings are good and the shoes I got are awesome! But it just needs more time than I have left right now to finish.

Sailor MarsI’m still going to Dragon Con, bringing my Uhura to the parade. But Sailor Mars will have to wait until Youmacon for her debut!

Otakon Pre-pre-flight

The good news is that the Sailor Mars project was coming along rather nicely. The bad news is that it won’t be finished in time for Otakon. T_T I thought about trying to push it through, but it would have meant working like crazy right up until a 700 mile drive. A cautionary tale of unexpected demise delivered by my lovely lady today convinced me that a more relaxed Otakon pre-flight would be more fun.

So I’m saving Sailor Mars for Dragon*Con next month. I don’t like missing my targets, but I’ve got one new cosplay plus a popular one from last year and an old favorite. Now I can rest up and be 100% for the drive to one of the most awesome weekends of the year for me! That is, me and 30000 others!