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Childhood’s End

Childhood’s End was a great read on my Nexus 7!

I just finished reading the Science Fiction classic, Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke and right now I am overflowing with emotion. I’ve always been a Science Fiction fan and I suppose should have read this many years ago. But now, being older, and being a parent, this story has touched me on a far deeper and more primal level. Clarke maintains a growing sense of foreboding mixed with only the slightest wisps of hope throughout the story.

My own children have just started to leave home, so Clarke’s tale of human evolution and transformation resonates quite strongly with me. They are moving into a future I will be unable to enter. I’ve seen and read a lot of SF in my time and no one has told this kind of story better than Clarke. I’m sure I would not have appreciated its nuances as a teenager. With that in mind, I think it may be time to start rereading many of the books in my collection!

OMG Kawaii Desu!

It really feels good to have finally gotten OMG Kawaii Desu!: A parent’s guide to anime, manga, and cosplay out the door! I started working on the book over a year ago so this baby was already way overdue, LOL! The book is intended to be an instructive tranquilizer for parent’s whose children have gotten into anime, manga, and/or cosplay. It’s the sort of guide meant to read while waiting for your kids at an anime convention. Over the years, I’ve met a number of parents and grandparents in this role. Many really aren’t sure what this stuff the kids are into is all about. This short guide seeks to answer those questions, and, I hope, encourage parents to join the party!

OMG Kawaii Desu!
The book is now available on the Kindle for $1.99 or free to borrow for Amazon Prime members. So check it out and leave a review or rating to let me know what you think. BTW, the cover art is by my totally awesome daughter Vanessa who is herself  OMG Kawaii Desu (really cute)!

Have Some Free SciFi For iPad or iPhone!

Rolled Up Dimensionality CoverEveryone likes free stuff! Yeah, don’t deny it, ya do. From now until the end of the year, you can get a free copy of Rolled Up Dimensionality: Short stories from a forgotten life from the Apple iBookstore readable on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!

This eBook is also available on the Kindle and Nook, but I can’t set the price to free there unless enough readers tell Amazon and Barnes & Noble that the eBook is now free on the iPad. So if you want it free on Kindle and Nook, please let them know!


Start Your Engines!

January is a month of beginnings. I’ve been poking around on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Facebook page checking out various clips of the soon to begin season 3. I’ve become a big fan of the show, along with Drag U in part because RuPaul has cast her show with real people. The drag queens and moms are not perfect people with perfect bodies. There are some plus sized queens out there, and ya know what? They’re fabulous! So kudos RuPaul!

The new season starts on Monday, January 24 and just a few days later on the 28th my anime con season kicks off with Ohayocon. And that for me means a new season of crossplay, yay! I’ve 3 cosplays I’m planning to bring, Mahoro Andou, Miho Tohya, and Stocking. Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is my newest cosplay. I’m just a little worried about cosplaying Stocking because I expect there to be a lot of them. I’m just not used to cosplaying anything that’s trendy, but I love the character so I’ll do it!

In addition to cosplay and karaoke, I’ll be doing some flyering to promote my eBook, Anime Aftershocks. As an empiricist, I’m looking forward to seeing if I can bump up sales this way. My dad has read it, and so far I haven’t been disowned, so it must be pretty good, LOL!  Well with 3 weeks to go, I’d better get cracking!