Anime, Manga, Etc cosplay

Start Your Engines!

January is a month of beginnings. I’ve been poking around on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Facebook page checking out various clips of the soon to begin season 3. I’ve become a big fan of the show, along with Drag U in part because RuPaul has cast her show with real people. The drag queens and moms are not perfect people with perfect bodies. There are some plus sized queens out there, and ya know what? They’re fabulous! So kudos RuPaul!

The new season starts on Monday, January 24 and just a few days later on the 28th my anime con season kicks off with Ohayocon. And that for me means a new season of crossplay, yay! I’ve 3 cosplays I’m planning to bring, Mahoro Andou, Miho Tohya, and Stocking. Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is my newest cosplay. I’m just a little worried about cosplaying Stocking because I expect there to be a lot of them. I’m just not used to cosplaying anything that’s trendy, but I love the character so I’ll do it!

In addition to cosplay and karaoke, I’ll be doing some flyering to promote my eBook, Anime Aftershocks. As an empiricist, I’m looking forward to seeing if I can bump up sales this way. My dad has read it, and so far I haven’t been disowned, so it must be pretty good, LOL!  Well with 3 weeks to go, I’d better get cracking!