First Laptop, Sniff Sniff

No no no no! I’m not old enough for this yet! Nah, I’m not a grand dad yet, but my oldest daughter on the verge of teenagerdom saved up enough money for her first laptop computer. I ordered a Dell B120 for her yesterday and now I reflect on how time has passed, sniff sniff… I’m rather impressed, though perhaps not surprised. Even as a baby, she had the uncanny ability to find money. She could find a penny in an open field from a 100 meters away easily. So I’m not too surprised that she was able to squirrel away her allowance and babysitting money to buy a computer. Her younger brother, well that’s another story, he spends whatever he gets! LOL!

Now I’ve got to tweak the home wireless setup a bit and make sure we’re all clear on computer usage rules. She’s a good kid though, so there probably won’t be any trouble. At least she won’t be spending hours on display computers in Radio Shack like I did as a kid. I can still see the flashing *cload as I prayed that the program would load from cassette, this time…shudder shudder…

Lucky kid!