Addicted To Oil

Might as well face it, we’re addicted to oil… It’s nice that President Bush at least in words is acknowledging the need to break U.S. dependency on foreign oil, but he didn’t lay out anything new or detailed on how to get there. Indeed, he took the politically safe route that pushes the goal far into the future to 2025 and seems to favor the popular, but inefficient, ethanol to the front. Oh well, it isn’t fair to expect a lot from a state of the union address, still one always hopes.

All in all, the president’s address seemed to be more of the same. So along those lines, America leadership and resisting isolationism would seem to mean that we will be invading Iran pretty soon and won’t be out of Iraq any time soon. Our need to be competitive with India and China actually means that U.S. companies will remain free to export more jobs to those countries not because they are better educated than Americans, but because they are cheaper. And the endless war on terrorism means that the illegal domestic spying will continue. Oh well, I guess there is some comfort in consistency…

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The President clearly plans on continuing using the DOD instead the State Department to carry out his foreign policy, but his use of isolationsim four times did give me pause.

He ran in 2000 by saying that the US in not the world’s policeman and that we should avoid state building exercies. At that time, he thought it was an improper use of the military and at that time, he was aligned with the majority of the Republican party.

He is now calling to position a “false promise” and seems to have moved away from his first base. Pat Buchanan is up in arms about his Middle East policy as are many other Republicans.

The odd thing now is that the President is much closer to a hawkish Democratic position than a Republican one. He and the Democrates clearly disagree on tactics but not on the goal.

This is news that deserves discussion but, of course, the networks road the old stand by home last night.


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