Game Development

PSP Homebrew Flash Player

It looks like the PSP homebrew community has once again taken things into their own hands and come up with something great, a flash player for the PSP! Now this only works on PSPs using firmware version 1.5, but this tells me without a doubt that the PSP can support flash, so why isn’t Sony doing this? I can only speculate that Sony doesn’t want competition from free flash games, for which they would not get a royalty. Game royalties are how console manufacturers make money since they generally sell the console hardware at a loss to build marketshare. I’m no expert, but I think Sony has more to fear from people buying iPods and DS’s than people playing flash games on the PSP. Supporting flash would add more value and, ahem, coolness, to the PSP which should ultimately sell more units. More units of course mean more people likely to buy PSP games. Free flash games could potentially serve as great game demo vehicles as well.