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OMG! I’m Asuka!

All day I’ve been working on my first Ruby On Rails project. Not out of any trendiness or pure curiousity, though I have been very curious, but out of dogged determination and desperation. I have a project that needs to get done fast, and the initial way I started out just wasn’t going to work for the clients. Indeed, I’ve had to change my whole way of thinking about the problem. Anyway, I think it’s going to work, so I’m very happy and excited about it!

Also today, my cable modem and installation kit came! Yippeee! No more slow and often unreliable *cough*SBC*cough* DSL. Today was a really bad DSL day, I just kept getting dropped over and over, then as if in answer to prayer, the bell rang and behold, UPS with my package. I had prepared my cable arrangement yesterday, so once I configured the software and setup the Comcast account on my main PC to be sure that everything worked, I just had to clone the PC MAC address to my router. It’s all working quite well right now. Double Happieness!

So, feeling good and recalling a “what Evangelion character are you?” discussion with my spouse, I decided to see if there were any of those whimsical online exams around. I answered the questions as best I could and was a bit surprised at the result. I thought I might get a Shinji or Rei, but hey, it’s just fun!

Which Evangelion character are you?