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Anime Central 2006 Sayonara!

It’s been a week since ACEN 2006 started and now I bid it a fond farewell. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that it seems that there is a lot more after-con interaction going on. The ACEN forums are still fairly active and there seems to be a thriving year round community there. As for me, my fun meter is still pretty full, and after going to 3 cons last year, I’ve decided to throttle back a bit this year and skip Otakon. Next year’s Anime Central will be the 10th, so I want to do something special. I’ve enjoyed taking pictures of cosplayers so much, that I think it’s time to join them! So as a parting bow, here’s a shot of one of my favorite cosplayers at ACEN 2006!

My Favorite Card Captor Sakura!