Worldtime Widget

As promised (or threatened), I’ve bundled up my Worldtime WordPress widget.

Click here to download.

From the readme.txt file.


Adds a sidebar widget to show current time and date of three places of your choice.

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the archive and upload peworldtime.php to your WordPress plugins directory.
  • Browse to Plugins>Worldtime and click Activate.
  • Browse to Presentation>Sidebar Widgets
  • Drag the PE Worldtime widget to the sidebar location you want.
  • Click the Worldtime configure icon.
  • Fill in optional Title and then Place names and corresponding GMT offsets.
    (ex. Chicago is on CDT right now which has GMT offset -5)
  • Click the configure dialog X to close it then the Save changes button.

Note: The Worldtime widget only displays the times and dates each time the page is loaded. So you’ll have to turn off WordPress page caching on the pages that display this widget for visitors to see the correct time.

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I need to have 5 time zones could you let me know if you have an option to add extra time zones or will I just have to play with the code

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