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Arghhhh!! Kill My PC!

That’s it! I’ve had it with this f*ckn PC for gaming! Now admitedly, I do a lot of other crap on my PC, some of it work related as in software development, so I’m not really surprised. But still my frustration with the constant Final Fantasy XI crashes I’ve been suffering the last few days is about to explode! So before I hurt this PC, I’m leaving PC gaming for the greener, calmer, more stable pastures of the console. Sigh…I really liked the higher resolution graphics that FFXI has on the PC, but getting killed due to crashes and the nagging uncertainty is just too much. I need my FFXI fix! And I need it now! So it’s back to the PS2 for now, but getting an Xbox 360 for this is looking better and better, plus the VGA adapter of course until I have an HDTV budget…sigh…

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[…] As noted in a previous rant, I’d become totally frustrated with getting Final Fantasy XI to run stably on my PC. So I went out to Virgin yesterday and bought an Xbox 360, a copy of Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360, and the VGA HD cable so that I could connect it to my PC monitor. Yesterday was a pretty hot and sticky day, which did not help my mood setting things up. Nevertheless, the setup was pretty painless, the only setup related hitch being that I’d forgotten my Microsoft Passport password which is needed to setup Xbox Live. The only other issue was due to my own oversight. In my haste, I didn’t give enough thought to the sound setup. My Samsung 730b monitor doesn’t have built in speakers. Luckily my cheapy Labtec speaker cables allowed me to plug in a splitter to share the speakers between the PC and the 360, so I can get sound. This isn’t a great solution though. What I really want is to find a good amplifier that I can plug both into. […]

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