Geeks Still Not Sexy!

Not only are geeks still not sexy, now they are a threat to the IT industry, in UK at least. This is just the routine, almost periodic, article about the IT industry not being able to attract enough young people in the midst of the offshoring of IT jobs that gutted the industry in the US and apparently the UK as well. I think though, putting any of the blame on geeks and nerds having a bad image is just unfair. Afterall, during the tech boom in the US, geeks were just as geeky, yet lots of so-called “cool ” and “normal” people packed CS classes and worked in IT. Why? Because the jobs were plentiful and the money was good. Right now, geeks and nerds are still a despised class in the eyes of the “normals”, but the real killer for the IT industry was and is the offshoring of IT work which kills the entry level path needed to develop domestic talent.