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Inuyasha Invades Virgin

It looks like Inuyasha is still cool. The Virgin store near my office has a display full of Inuyasha related plushies and clothing. I still love Inuyasha, but I really am looking forward to the conclusion of the story. One of the things that I like about anime is the finiteness of it. Typically a series will have a planned run of 13 or 26 episodes, beginning, middle, and end. I liked that closure and completion, rather than running a series until the life has been completely bled from it **cough***Stargate***cough***. I know Inuyasha has already ended in Japan, so the end should be near here too. And once it is all over, I hope and pray that a decent set of DVDs with some extras and song subtitles will come out. DVDs with 3 episodes and no extras at all are barely above the level of shovelware. Shame on you Inuyasha! I’m sure Kagome would sit him down good for this one.