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My 9/11 Footnote

I’m sure there are thousands of blog postings around the internet concerning the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks. I remember the day as being one of great anger for me. I was angry because I’d just been laid off the Friday before 9/11. And as I watched the first tower collapse on TV, I was almost in a rage because I felt that the the stupid unilateralist policies of the Bush administration had set the stage for these horrific attacks. Five years later, I don’t really think the government’s policies or who the President was would have made any difference at all. The attacks were the result of hatred of the other, the not us. There’s no reasoning with hate, but returning the hatred doesn’t work either. It’s become a cliche, but we really do need to find a way to love our enemies. If war can’t conquer hate, then that only leaves love.