Is Blu Ray Dead Already?

The cheapest Blu Ray player, the PS3 is hideously expensive and basically unavailable. While movies on Blu Ray are not is great abundance either. Is Blu Ray dead before it even starts. TripleII’s Top 5  Reasons Blu Ray Will Never Be In My Home makes some good arguments against the adoption of Blu Ray, at least by people who really think about these things.

Honestly, I don’t think most consumers think much about these types of decisions. The main things are going to be the cost of the players, what movies are available, and how going to Blu Ray, or HD-DVD for that matter, is better, tangibly better, than current DVD technology. Personally, I think both of these physical media types are dead in the water as far as movies are concerned. The future is shaping up to be downloadable digital, no media required. That’s why I’m not likely to buy movies in either of the new HD formats. I’m more interested in devices with big hard drives that are reasonably easy to use and simple, legal, ways of getting content. So I’ll be keeping an eye out for Apple’s iTV and may play a bit with MythTV. This should be fun!