Norton 360? WTF!

Sorry Symantec, these days when I see “360”, I usually think of Microsoft’s game console, not PC security software suites such as Norton 360. Honestly, I haven’t been that happy with Norton’s products lately because on my PCs at least, they seem to have an unquenchable thirst for system resources! I’m not quite ready to switch yet, but I’ll definitely give the Microsoft and McAffee products a look if they cost less and don’t bring my systems to a crawl.

2 replies on “Norton 360? WTF!”

I am considering Norton 360. I have a Dell Dimension 8200 – 512 MB memory, 1.75GHz processor speed. Is this too small a machine for Norton 360?

Hard to say. I really have not been impressed with the way previous Norton products have performed on my hardware. If you can upgrade your memory to 1GB that should help. But I’ve had no direct experience with the new Norton 360, so I’d check some user reviews on Amazon and other forums first.

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