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Making Anime Music Videos On The Cheap In Windows

Inspired somewhat by the anime music videos I’ve seen at conventions and on YouTube, I decided to try my hand at it and create an entry for the Anime Central Anime Music Video competition. Being a cheapskate, as always, I really didn’t want to buy anything new or expensive, at least not until I really know what I’m doing.

So I got started by gathering the free tools referred to in VicBond007’s Guide to Working with DVD Footage on I then used this very good guide to create my AVI clips. I read the rest of the guide which describes how to edit the video with Adobe Premiere, but since I don’t have that, I had to fend for myself and use what I had handy.

I ended up using Windows Movie Maker 2.1 to import the AVI clips and music. (Note, I used Audacity to convert the MP3 music file to an uncompressed WAV file since the guide warned of synch issues using a compressed music source.) Windows MovieMaker could only save my video to WMV format, so I then used NeroVision Express, which came with my DVD-RW drive to create a DVD that I could play in the living room.

The end result, though, at this point, is still a rough draft, looked really good on the TV. So I’m hopeful I’ll have something that everyone will enjoy!