Why Won’t Women Rule?

I ran across the following on CNN’s Political Ticker today from a blurb on Hillary Clinton’s comments regarding the need for a clean sweep in the White House.

“If Hillary Clinton thinks women will support her candidacy simply based on her gender she is mistaken,” RNC spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson said. “Women, like men, will vote for a candidate because they share their views, and Hillary’s consist of higher taxes, bigger government and waving a white flag in the global war on terror.”

It’s a shame, for women, that this is probably quite true. If women were to decide to vote as a block, as some minority and special interest groups have, they could transform the US government in a very short time. Women outnumber men in the US, live longer, and vote in greater numbers. Women could rule this country simply by calling forth and fanatically supporting female candidates. If they could just agree that it is more important to seize power first even if you don’t agree on every little point.

I asked my wife why women don’t see this and support each other to seize power. She said that it’s because women are too jealous of any other woman’s success to work together in the same way men often do. Women are not any more perfect than men, but they do have a different perspective on things which could be useful to the country. I wonder how much things will have to be messed up before they rise up and decide, as a block, that the government needs a more feminine touch?

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Women vote in greater numbers than men.

Therefore you already have the government that women want.


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