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NASCAR, Personalities, And Future Viewership

Jimmie Johnson won today’s NASCAR race at Phoenix and with an 86 point lead and one race to go, is virtually a lock to repeat the Nextel Cup championship. I wasn’t watching, and I probably won’t be watching next week either… Jimmie Johnson is a great driver and has an awesome crew chief in Chad Knaus. But quite honestly, Johnson just leaves me cold. He’s just not interesting. Whenever he wins, I just turn off the TV before the winners circle interview. I don’t hate the guy, but he’s just not entertaining. I actually like Chad Knaus better. I’m sorry, but in a mechanized sport where the teams with the deepest pockets already have a huge advantage, it leaves only the drivers’ personalities to add spice to the mix. Ruthlessly efficient and mechanical drivers make me want to change the channel or catch up on my housework. I felt the same way the year that Matt Kenseth won.

Love him or hate him, at least Jeff Gordon is interesting. And while I’m hardly a Kurt Busch fan and wasn’t too happy the year he won the cup, at least he was interesting. If Jimmie Johnson is the future of NASCAR, then I’ll probably be looking for something else to enjoy on Sunday afternoons. I might even start watching NFL football again.

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Kurt definitely got himself a reputation that keeps things interesting. But you also have to give him credit for driving skills. He really handles that #2 Dodge well.

I agree. Kurt’s skills are great and the #2 Dodge team has seen great improvement this year. His teammate in the #12 has seen a lot of late season improvement too. They should both be serious contenders for wins next season.

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