Mac Attack!

Well, it’s official, in my home at least, fear of Windows Vista has resulted in a Mac sale. For the first time in over 10 years, I have a Mac in the house! Our new family member is a black Mac Book with 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive.

It’s actually a present (sort of) that I bought for my wife’s birthday. Her old PC was becoming less and less able to cope which meant more time wasted fixing things. And she really wanted a laptop. Unfortunately, getting a new Windows based laptop, generally means getting Windows Vista probably on under-speced hardware. So with all of that “fun” on the one side, going to the Mac side looked pretty good. For the kind of things she does, the Mac with a copy of Microsoft Office, is a good fit. And now she can do multimedia stuff without the hassles we’ve always encountered on the PC.

The transition is going to take some time, but she seems pretty happy with it. Macs are what we both used in college. I still need to stay on the PC for professional reasons, but I definitely have my eye out for an excuse to get a Mac for myself! ^_^

Update: Mac sales are up 40% over last year. Perhaps Vista really is pushing some to the Mac side!