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Kyle Busch Wins Atlanta: Toyota’s First Cup Win

It was bound to happen, Kyle Busch just won the Sprint Cup race in Atlanta giving Toyota its first NASCAR Sprint Cup win. I suppose there’ll be some purists out there complaining about a foreign name plate winning (the first since 1954), but hey, that’s competition baby! On an unrelated note, Tony Stewart just badmouthed Goodyear saying they can’t make a tire worth crap. Hmmm, wonder if that’ll bring some fines…

On an even more unrelated note, it looks like Kasey Kahne, Budweiser, Allstate, and milfs do mix! When the Budweiser sponsorship went over to the number 9 after Dale Earnhardt Jr. went to Hendrick, I was wondering if a car could be sponsored by a beer company that wants you to drink more, and an insurance company that probably wants you to drink less. I guess the answer is yes. Right after Busch’s burnout, they ran an Allstate ad featuring Kahne in his Bud emblazoned fire suit, and, of course, the milf-like soccer moms. The Bud logo on the suit was covered up after 5 or seconds by the good driver rebate check they were promoting. I wonder what Mothers Against Drunk Driving would think about this interesting juxtaposition.