Simple As Black And White: Obama-Clinton Ticket

To some, it may be unthinkable, but an Obama-Clinton ticket is beginning to look like the only way for the Democrats to assure themselves of victory in the fall over McCain. The bottom line seems to be that Barrack Obama is not going to win over the voters who have supported Clinton but will not support him because he’s black. I’ve read much about how Obama needs a message to that resonates with the blue collar voter or the older voter. Well, pardon my French, but those are just euphemisms for white voters who aren’t going to support a black man no matter how smart, well spoken, or capable he is. Unless Obama’s new message involves him becoming a white man and simultaneously erasing any memory of his ever being black from the minds of voters, he will not pick up this support. That is unless he takes on Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

With Clinton as his running mate, he will have her onboard 100% to make a strong pitch to the people who supported her to support them both in the general election. Some of these people will still defect, but I’m guessing that most will not. I don’t know if Obama and Clinton like each other much personally at all. But if they want the White House back, they’d better work together. Clinton supporters aren’t going to buy it if she isn’t on the ticket.