Reactor 2009 Aftermath: The End

Last week I attended what would turn out to be the last Reactor convention. A variety of things ultimately led to its demise, but I have to say that overall, I had a good time at the last Reactor. I’m sorry to see it go because it was close, a little rowdy sometimes, and a place where I could try out new things on a smaller scale. Reactor was the first con I cosplayed at. This year I entered Fantabulous, my first cosplay stage event! I was nervous as hell! But I managed to strut my stuff across the stage in 4 inch heels without falling off the stage! Yay!

So let’s see, I sang. I danced. And I cosplayed. Oh and I took  as many pictures as I could because with so few people at the con (only a few hundred), I had a feeling that not many pictures would be taken of anyone, much less make it on the net. Here’s a Haruhi bunny! Rest in peace Reactor.

Haruhi Bunny