General Tech

Normal Life, I Guess

Now with Youmacon 2009 in the past, life is returning to what passes for normal for me. This last week I’ve been wrestling with SAS at work. It’s definitely different from the programming languages I’ve used in the past, but I should have it down pretty soon. It’s just maddening to not be on top of things like this.

At home I’m having a lot of geeky fun transitioning from Windows XP to Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my new Mac, Mikuru. I use a Mac at work, so I’m very familiar with the platform, but at home I’ve been using Windows on home built PCs for the last 10 years or so. As a result I have a lot of development stuff that I need to transition. I’ve decided to do this by running Windows 7 in VMWare Fusion 3 on my Mac. If performance in the VM is acceptable, I’ll be able to avoid having to use Boot Camp.

Yesterday I finally got wireless working on my daughter’s old Windows XP laptop which I’ve converted to Ubuntu Linux. It’s an ancient Dell Inspiron B120 with 512MB RAM that even after a clean install runs XP horribly slow to say nothing of after the kids have managed to load it up with malware. I finally gave up that battle and put Ubuntu 9.04 on it. But wireless is usually tricky on Linux. In this case installing the b43-fwcutter package did the trick. Then I upgraded to 9.10 without any trouble. The new Ubuntu machine, dubbed Yoshi, is mostly dedicated to homework assignments and cannot run Roblox, which is a good thing in this case!

And I’m finally catching up on a lot of manga and anime that’s been piling up. There were a lot of new releases over the last two weeks that I’m having a great time with. I just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project volume 2 yesterday. The Shinji and Kaworu shonen ai plotline is very funny and I found myself loling on numerous occasions. At the behest of my youngest son, we’re finally going to finish watching Kaleido Star, so we capped off the evening’s family viewing with volume 4 of the DVD set.

Well, I’ve got manga to read, so I’ll be finishing this up now. It’s going to be an interesting month I think.(^_^)