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RuPaul’s Drag Race

The last few weeks, I’ve become a regular viewer of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I learned of the show from an ad on a CTA bus stop in Chicago’s Loop. So I decided to give it a look and got hooked on it, because all of the episodes are on the web after broadcast on Logo, catching up on the show was pretty easy.

In short, I love this show! I’m not a big fan of so called reality shows in general, they mostly leave me flat. But this one hooked me on a couple of fronts, one, the cosplay element, and two, the crossplay/crossdressing elements and all of the creativity that goes into them. The closest show I’ve seen to this previously was Project Runway. Once I saw that the Queens had to create their own stuff with limited time, this cosplayer was totally onboard. It’s a bit of Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model mixed together with some RuPaul secret sauce thrown in!

Up until last week, I don’t think I had a favorite. I knew I didn’t really like Tyra very much, because, well…she’s a bitch! Sorry, that slipped out. Seriously though, if you close your eyes and just listen, you can’t tell the difference between the Queens and real genetic women! Open your eyes and a lot of times, you still can’t tell! They’re that good, really. And as a crossplayer myself, they’re a bit of an inspiration. My cosplays don’t require much flashy make up, but the attitude of the Queens is something I’ve been missing. You’ve got to really own your characters and show that you’re having a great time to make the best pictures. This is something I hope to take with me to ACen in a few weeks.

After last week’s Rocker Chicks performances, I’ve found my favorite, Pandora Boxx! She’s been sort of flying under the radar, but over the last few weeks just gets better and better. Funny, smart, and wow I loved this outfit! The singing wasn’t the greatest, but her presentation and attitude more than made up for it. She looks great and I really think she has a shot at winning it all!

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