Twitter Updates for 2010-09-17

  • Yay! Finished my choker tonight and skirt lining. Feels good to make some progress on a day that had lots of suck to it. #cosplay #
  • Picked up a copy of Halo Reach, hopefully I'll get to play it tomorrow. #
  • @jessichan99 Have fun at #AWA in reply to jessichan99 #
  • LOL, I was wondering how long it would take for knowledge of Pedobear to leak into the general public. Total panic… #
  • Pedobear cosplayers are harmless. The real child predators are generally not cosplayers. Sadly, they are probably your neighbors… #
  • But the news media's gotta sell ads, so facts and accuracy be damned. Countdown until some cons start banning Pedobear cosplay. #
  • @bansheekat Yeah. The real danger is that media lies quickly morph into police assumptions with no basis in fact. #pedobear #cosplay in reply to bansheekat #
  • LOL, it'll be funny to see what kind of bots start following me after those last few tweets. *shudder* #

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