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Stocking: Don’t Be Afraid of the Hair!

Sometimes it seems kind of crazy to be working on a new cosplay project while looking for a new fulltime job. But hey! It’s fun and keeps me sane, well mostly sane… My latest project is Stocking from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.


Since resources are tight, I’m working in economy mode on this project and so far I’ve managed to gather what I need from stuff I already had. In particular I’m using the black dress from my Sakura cosplay which is very similar to Stocking’s base outfit except for the sleeves. While this inaccuracy will not satisfy cosplay purists, the dress itself is consistent with something Stocking would actually wear when compared with some of her other dresses in the series.

For me, the real challenge to this cosplay is the wig. Stocking has blue hair on the outside and pink on the inside. After giving it a lot of thought and consulting some discussion threads on, I decided that I’d need two wigs, one pink and one blue, to get the desired effect. And I found a tutorial referenced that showed how to stack multiple wigs. As I was reading through it all, I was reminded of all of the big hair I’d seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race, a light went on and I suddenly understood how these wigs were being made. So I am no longer afraid of big hair which is a big plus since you usually need to add additional wefts at least to get the best results. Most wigs are just too thin out of the box IMHO.

I’m happy that things are coming together well so far. The wigs have been shipped, and I’ve already received the shoes and stockings. The shoes and stockings were on sale, which compensates for the two wigs. So right now, I think I can come in at maybe 60% of the typical cost of my cosplay projects. I hope to have Stocking ready in time for Ohayocon, if I can go that is… But ACen for sure!