Twitter Updates for 2010-11-28

  • Upgraded my Nook #ebook reader with a 512MB microSD card from my old cell phone. I've been added a lot of books so I might as well use this! #
  • After the v1.5 firmware upgrade, my Nook page turns are lightening fast compared to before! And I like the book shelves feature too. #ebook #
  • @bansheekat That sounds like fun! ^_^ in reply to bansheekat #
  • Enjoyed dim sum in Chinatown with wife and kids yesterday. Amazing to see how they've grown up and interact with each other. (^__^) #
  • You really can see your best parts and your worst in your children. I'm happy that they haven't had to suffer some of my childhood pains. #
  • I feel like a 1st stage booster rocket carrying them into orbit. Almost there, not ready to fall into the ocean just yet. #parenting #

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