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Final Fantasy XIV and the Square Enix Meltdown

In what is starting to look like the new textbook example of what not to do when launching an MMORPG, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada said at a recent press conference that he regrets they have let their brands get “sloppy” and that they will have to rebuild them all again.

It is pretty obvious to anyone following the Final Fantasy XIV disaster by now, that the game was released far too soon with too little attention to beta tester feedback. The downward revision of Square Enix profits by 90% makes it apparent now why they were in such a rush. Perhaps Square was really counting on FFXIV to make up for the less than spectacular performance of other titles such as Final Fantasy XIII. With the stock price falling, I can’t help but wonder when Square Enix might become a takeover target for the likes of EA, Activision, or Nintendo.

Square Enix still has some great IP and the fans haven’t totally deserted them just yet. As one of those fans, all I really wanted in FFXIV was an improved and updated Final Fantasy XI which would borrow the best from the likes of World of Warcraft wrapped up in the aesthetic of Final Fantasy. As a fan, I’d love to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII which is where so many of us began our relationship with Square. As a fan, I hope it is not too late for this to happen.