Twitter Updates for 2010-12-11

  • Needed some distraction today so I turned 2 wigs into one wig. Blue and pink hair everywhere! LOL #cosplay #pantyandstocking #
  • Can't believe they broke the rules to get rid of Big Fazeek on The Tester on PSN. BF was not nice but breaking the rules is not cool. #
  • Waaaat! Was Big Fazeek a fake contestant to stir up drama on The Tester? #
  • Whoa! FFXIV leadership gets the sack. Game free to play indefinitely and PS3 version delayed! Officially EPIC FAIL #
  • As Square Enix admits total defeat, I wonder if #FFXIV will ever recover. I'd really like to see a free to play model of some kind. #
  • A free to play #FFXIV could lure back disaffected PC players and spur launch sales of the PS3 version. #
  • @bansheekat For ACen I'll have Miho Tohya from Megatokyo, and Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. And one old fav perhaps. in reply to bansheekat #
  • @bansheekat Thanks! What are your ACen cosplay plans? in reply to bansheekat #
  • @ThePandoraBoxx LOL, me too! (^_^) in reply to ThePandoraBoxx #
  • Just dance tested the thigh highs for my Stocking cosplay. Stayed up pretty well, but might get garters. #
  • Line between crossplay and crossdressing is pretty thin. I stomped all over it tonight. XD #
  • I guess I'm in lesbians with my wife when I crossplay! ^^ Derp #

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