iPad myPad

My quiet Father’s Day was punctuated by the news that I was getting an iPad from my wife. It came on Thursday and since that time I’ve been playing with testing it out. So far I’m finding it to be even better suited to the uses I’ve had in mind than I had thought while writing about it on Learncrest.

I’ve been doing many of the obvious things like web surfing and book reading. But the things I’m looking forward to are the new use cases the form factor of a tablet lends itself to. One hint of this is the way the iPad has changed my typing. The virtual keyboard is big enough that using fingers of both hands to type is pretty easy. Still, shifting for characters like apostrophes is a pain. Auto-correct to the rescue! To avoid the unwanted shifting, I just keep typing and let the auto-correct fix the errors. This lazy man’s approach yields a lot more speed than one would initially imagine.

I’m looking forward to learning some more tricks with my new toy tool!