Tales from the Tweet for 2012-07-02

  • Mamimi cosplay progress, YAY! #
  • Lost power in a storm while sewing on the sailor collar. But can't let little thing like darkness stop cosplay. LOL XD #
  • I'm hoping to get Mamimi done in time for Anime Midwest next weekend. #cosplay #
  • Did #AnimeExpo2012 give you the crossplay bug? A thinking man's guide to crossplay can help you with that! #cosplay #
  • The crossplay guide is made up of tips from my own experiences and info from others around the net. #cosplay #ebook #
  • There's a lot of crossplay info free on the web, but a lot of folks find an ebook to be more discreet. #cosplay #
  • This year I'm really putting my skills to the test with my Sailor Mars project based on cover art from the manga. #sweatdrop #cosplay #
  • Never make the same mistake twice. Make some new ones! ~_^ #
  • At Otakon, crossplay lets me walk a mile in someone else's pumps for a few days. XD #cosplay #

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