Papa John’s, Corporate Whining, and EVIL

On the morning after the reelection of President Obama, I had a breakfast meeting to go to at Valois, a popular Hyde Park restaurant. I wasn’t expecting anything more than the usual, so I was quite surprised to find that in celebration of the reelection of their most famous customer, they were giving everyone a free breakfast. Wow! What generosity! Now contrast that with the reaction of Papa John’s to the election results, reduced hours for employees to avoid paying for health care insurance, and whining about having to raise the prices of pizzas a few cents. Some other notable businesses have been expressing similar sentiments.

I’d say that’s a pretty evil way to do business. I’m more than willing to pay more for my pizza so that people can get the care they need, but I guess that’s just too much for billionaire CEOs to stomach. They’d rather punish their workers to express what is ultimately their personal disdain for President Obama largely because he is black. That’s some mean spirited, greedy, evil shit.