General Tech

Somebody (Google)’s Watchin Me

I always feel that somebody’s watchin me. Now I’m sure the somebody is Google. Google has updated their privacy policy saying they will follow you across all of their services, whether you like it or not. LOL, nice to see that Google’s got my back. Yeah…

No big surprises there really. There’s no such thing as anonymity or privacy on the internet. If someone wants to stalk you, really stalk you, they can find out who you are with a little digging. So welcome to the big time everyone, with some help from Google, we can all live the life of movie stars! Well, mostly without all of the money…


Blogging Under the Influence

The TV ads say not to drink and drive. And while I may have written a blog piece or two after a beer without too much trouble, anger is another matter. True, a lot of stuff gets written fueled by rage, but after nearly sending out a rage induced missive the other day, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

And a little reminder for the folks that just tuned in, there’s no such thing as anonymity on the internet! Anyone who really wants to find out who you are, can do so. Therefore, write like a celebrity. The whole world may be watching!