Chow Down On Intolerance!

When Willam Belli was disqualified from RuPaul’s Drag Race last week, I can’t say I was all that upset. While very pretty and talented, I just wasn’t a Willam fan. But, since that time my opinion of her has risen considerably. While hunting about for information on just why she was DQ’d in the first place, I happened upon a music video she stars in with drag queens Detox, and Vicky Vox, that spoofs the anti-gay stance of the Chick-fil A restaurant chain.

There’s only one Chick-fil A in downtown Chicago that I know about, referred to here with a call to boycott it, and I’ve never eaten there. But I certainly won’t be going there now. As a Christian myself, I’m really tired of these so-called Far Right Christian groups and organizations doing hateful things and then claiming it’s all in the name of Jesus. The Jesus I know would be the last person to hate gay people. Heck, he’d probably be hanging out with drag queens today, just as he kept company with the outcasts of the world the last time he walked the Earth.

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AMV Oldie: All for Inuyasha

Just messing around with embedding one of my old AMVs. This was the last one I made with Windows Movie Maker and it was quite a struggle. I’m still rather surprised that it came out as good as it did!


I Love You /cgl/!: The Music Video

The net is alive with the sound of music! And love is in the air as spring is poised for its long awaited descent upon us! I happened across an interesting love fest taking place on 4chan’s cosplay and elegant gothic lolita board, /cgl/. The final poster suggested an appropriate soundtrack to the thread, a song I’ve really fallen in love with, “I Like You. I Love You!” with vocaloid Kagamine Rin. So I created the following video of the thread.