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Ohayocon 2011 Aftershocks II

Time to finish this up! I’ve been mad busy over the last month and now with C2E2 coming up in two weeks, I might as well put my Ohayocon thoughts to bed.

Saturday remains my favorite day of a con. I get out my new cosplays and look forward to the masquerade, dance, and hopefully karaoke. And at Ohayocon in particular, the guests! For the most part Saturday went very well. No major problems with my Stocking cosplay and even had a guy with a professional looking camera take a couple of pics that looked pretty good in the lcd display.

One of the best panels I attended was the Chris Sabat dubbing workshop. People from the audience would dub bits of Dragon Ball Z under the direction of Sabat and his awesome engineer would magically make it fit the video. Knowing a little bit about editing video, I was totally impressed at how fluidly the dubbing was proceeding, all in real time!

The masquerade ended up being a bit of a let down. There were a lot of good cosplays yes, but most of the skits were terrible! I’m pretty forgiving generally, but I kept waiting for a really good skit to come on,  but with a couple of exceptions, that just did not happen. A lot of so called skits were actually nameless, yes literally nameless, dance performances.

After that, headed off to wait for karaoke. The room it was in had a K-Pop dance panel going on that was rather interesting. And while waiting I found a Stocking fan, yay for hugs! Karaoke was fun, even though I totally blew my song. My contacts had dried out and I was having a lot of trouble reading my song lyrics. Plus I hadn’t done Silly Go-round in ages. Derp!

If I’d been in the con hotel as originally planned and booked, I might have stayed to sing another song. But I really wanted to go to the dance, which meant I needed to dump my stuff first. So I had to grab the shuttle bus back to the Capitol Square, sigh. I did meet some fun people along the way, so it wasn’t all bad. I had thought of splitting the day between Stocking and Miho cosplays. But Stocking was a lot of fun and was holding up well, so I decided to take her to the dance.

I got to the dance pretty late so there was no line to get in, but still plenty of people there and the music appealed to me mostly. So I had a great time! I had my double wig pinned down pretty good and everything stayed in place. A random woman even complimented my on the wig and took a pic! Totally wasn’t expecting that. After a couple of hours dancing in heels, insistent dehydration forced me to leave. But I’d had a good fill of fun. And as a bonus, before my bus came, I got an eyeful of round naked inebriated voice actor ass! She wasn’t one of the official con guests, but I recognized her from other con appearances. No, I’m not going to mention names here!

As is often the case, Sunday was pretty quiet for me. I hit the dealers room right away to shop for the family and say hi to my friends working there. Then I made a few more picture taking runs before finally deciding to head for home.

So another Ohayocon in the books. I may return next year, but after the masquerade let down and the hotel issue, I’m thinking about looking into some new con in that time slot. Naka-Kon in my home town happens a few weeks after Ohayocon, and Katsucon is another con I’d like to get to eventually as well.

Anime, Manga, Etc cosplay

Ohayocon 2011 Aftershocks

Another Ohayocon is in the rearview mirror as I reflect on what happened and what it all means. The drive to Columbus was uneventful. I covered the 350 miles in about 5.5 hours and had no trouble finding the hotel. The Hyatt Regency had overbooked due to construction and moved a number of us to the Hyatt on Capitol Square with Saturday night for free. The free night helped my budget, but being remote would prove to be a real pain and a dampener on my fun.

Checkin was fast and after getting to my room, I did a quick turn-around to get to the convention center and pick up my registration badge. I had to ask around about where to catch the shuttle to the center. Feeling that this was going to be trouble for some, I went to the front desk to suggest that they put up signs. I had a pleasant talk with the manager, but in the end, no signs were placed at all. I guess it just wasn’t worth their effort. Lack of adequate signage would also be a problem at the convention center for many of the panel rooms.


On the plus side, the hotel upgraded the shuttle service to 24 hours and I think the drivers did a really good job moving tons of people back and forth. Still, I like being in the middle of the action, so having to figure shuttle time into everything was a headache. At least picking up my badge in the short pre-reg line was fast as usual and I got my first cosplay pic of a Garterbelt cosplayer!

After picking up my badge I headed back to the hotel, picked up a couple of Subway sandwiches and then began the arduous task of ironing my very wrinkled Mahoro costume. I really hate hotel irons! They just never seem to be up to the job. I really need to start packing my own irons!

The first cosplay usually takes me at least 2 extra hours to get ready. This is something else I need to work on. To top it all off, I was still very tired from the drive and in a bit of a fog. But I was determined to make it to the Chris Sabat Roast, the AMV Contest, karaoke, and the Friday dance. I’d already missed opening ceremonies which is why I was wishing for a  couple of extra hours.

I finally got Mahoro to the AMV Contest a little late and dropped off my first set of flyers promoting Anime Aftershocks. Ohayocon wasn’t spread out across the convention center this year, which was great for getting to things, but left a lot fewer places to dump flyers. I love AMVs, but I gotta say that I was a bit disappointed with the contest entries this year. A number of entries had pretty bad visual quality using footage that was clearly either recorded from TV or came from fansubs. Most AMV contests generally reject videos like this, but I guess they were short on entries. The best video in my opinion was Me, Myself, and Me by HalOfBorg. I laughed my ass off! And it reminded me of why I need to get it in gear and make some new AMVs myself!

The Chris Sabat Roast was the number one must see event for Friday. So I lined up early and was able to get a good seat. If you go to Ohayocon, you’ve got to see the guests. They have always been the best part of my Ohayocon experience. Part of it is the sheer talent they have, and the rest is how much fun they have with each other. The roast did not disappoint as not only was the target, err, guest of honor, mercilessly destroyed, but each and every other guest as well! These weapons of mass destruction included anecdotes, video, and an original song which included the term “crotch yogurt”!

I ended Friday hunting around for cosplayers to photograph and some fun hours doing karaoke. If I’d been in the Hyatt Regency, I probably would have gone to the dance, but taking the bus all the way back to Capitol Square to drop off my bags was just too much for me. So I decided to save some energy for Saturday and call it a night.

I’ll finish this up in the next posting.

Anime, Manga, Etc cosplay

Ohayocon Dreams

A week until Ohayocon and I just had the weirdest dream yet. In it I’m at the con and there are all of these people in costumes waiting for opening ceremonies to begin. Oddly enough this kind of morphs into a scene on an open field with lots of people dressed as Roman soldiers with shields and spears.

The opening begins and these masses rush off in one direction. I, ever the contrarian, and some others rush off in the direction of (my impression anyway) the dealers room. But we are in fact rushing towards a group of long horned cattle in a pasture. Beyond the cattle are tents and a stream or lake. I remember getting past the cattle and to the water where I encountered some other people who I feel were adversaries in some deadly game. This all then dissolves into some hide and seek in some massive collection of bookshelves.

I have no idea what this means and despite the visuals, in the dream itself I felt like it was the anime convention I’m preparing for next week. These weird dreams always precede my con adventures. Maybe all of the stress of finishing up cosplays has something to do with it. I’m always worried I’ll forget some critical piece or totally fail in some embarrassing manner.

I did spend some time today test fitting my Stocking cosplay. In particular, I needed to figure out the best way to attach the sash bow. Cosplay requires a lot of testing. One should never wait until the convention to try on a new costume. Often problems are not solved until you put the thing on so you can see exactly what you’re up against. And now that I’ll be unable to return to my hotel easily, things have got to be spot on for the whole day. Fortunately, the test fitting was good and I came up with a good way to put on and secure the bow.

One week to go! My fun tank is kinda empty right now so I cannot wait to fill it up again!